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Karen Roma and the Coddle Dual Core Mattress

Want to Sleep Better? This Mattress Expert Has Some Game-Changing Ideas for You

If you wake up feeling like you need a triple espresso to get through the day, stop: You’re doing it wrong. Sleep is supposed to be refreshing, and here’s how to make that happen
We met with an expert who’s been designing mattresses her whole life, and wait till you hear the sleep-enhancing secrets she shared

Soon Everyone Will Be Sleeping This Way: The Healthy New Trend We Need to Tell You About

America’s in the midst of a sleeplessness epidemic, says the CDC – 50 million of us can’t concentrate properly and 24 million say we’re too tired to drive. Maybe you’re part of this crowd, possibly overworked, overwhelmed, or staying up too late thinking about the ending of “Bird Box.” While we can’t help with what’s keeping you awake, here at Coddle – the home of Responsive Furniture – we’re doing our part to help you rest better. That means coming up with one truly amazing mattress and couch-topper, thanks to our collaboration of Karen Roma, an inventor, innovator and patent-holder, who grew up in a mattress-making family and puts her own amazing twist on things. We chatted with her about how the latest addition to our line will help you sleep better—and help the planet too.

Q: Most mattresses are “one size fits all,” and you’ve said that’s part of the reason why many of us don’t sleep well. Tell us more.

A: This idea of one mattress being perfect for a person every night – no! That’s not right. Say that one day you come home and you’re achy and beat, you might want a plush mattress, something a little softer. Or maybe your back is acting up and you need more support – you want something firmer. So Coddle and I created a mattress that gives you those options—one side is plush, one side is firm. Just flip it to get what you need. It’s responsive to your body.

Q: So you can actually sleep on either side of the mattress?

A: Yes! We played with a lot of different foams – we researched this for two and a half years—to make the concept work and used a special patented combination. Do you know if you wake up not feeling great for a few nights, you shouldn’t necessarily think you’re coming down with a bug or something – it may be your mattress fighting you. Your body is always changing, and this mattress can change with it. It actually interacts with you and can adjust to suit your needs by flipping it. The plush side has one kind of soft, almost doughy foam; the firm side has a mix that’s more supportive. We designed a couch topper with the same principle too, to make sleeping on the Gjemeni couch even more indulgent. The couch topper reverses from plush to firm, just like the mattress.

Q: So from what you’re saying, it sounds like all foams aren’t created equal?

A: Oh no! Not at all. All foams are air, water and then other ingredients from nature (coconut, rubber-tree sap) and lab-made. That is true. But once you get past that, everything is different. The foam we use is really high-density, high-quality and we make it as naturally and purely as possible. And here’s something most people don’t know: Foam usually changes with the climate. The same mattress will feel softer in Florida than in New England. In hot, humid weather, it’ll get really soft; in the North, it’ll firm up. So I found a pressure- and temperature-neutral foam that will resist these kinds of changes; it’s made in Europe and I licensed it here. It’s brilliant!

Q: You mentioned natural and lab-made ingredients go into foam mattresses. How do people know what exactly they’re sleeping on?

A: Coddle is committed to sustainability, which is great because I only create mattresses that meet CertiPUR standards, which means they are low VOC, never use certain chemicals like formaldehyde – good for you, good for the environment.

Q: Is the Coddle mattress better for the environment in any other ways?

A: Yes; we engineered this so it will have a really long lifespan. The mattress industry says that most beds last 7 to 8 years. The way the Coddle mattress flips over actually helps it last even longer since you’re not wearing it out; you’re interacting with two sides. Also, the cover is washable, which is huge – that really helps it last longer. Which is vital. Did you know 50,000 mattresses get dumped into landfill every single day in the U.S.? Sustainability is vital, and Coddle’s mattress does its part.

Q: We’ve heard you and Coddle also came up with a sleep-hack for those who get overheated at night. Can you tell us more?

A: True. We developed the mattress cover to keep you cooler so you’ll sleep better. It’s made from Belgian fabric, micro Tencel, which doesn’t generate heat the way some fabrics do and make you wake up feeling overheated. This is a major issue for many people – and we took care of that so you can get the rest you need. There’s no reason to wake up feeling less than refreshed!

Want to take a closer look at the amazing mattress we created with Karen? Get all the details here.


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