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why you shouldn’t get off the couch for the next three months

Staying in, cuddled up on the sofa or even better a sleeper sofa, is no longer considered hermit-like. In fact, it’s 100% on-trend. Here’s why – and how to do it right

Unless you’ve been living in a cave (which, if you ask us, is actually a perfectly fine place to spend winter), you’ve probably heard of the recent trend towards cozying up. It comes with different names. Last year, Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) – a Danish term for being warm and lazy in the dark, cold months—crossed over into America, and this year, we hear that the Scottish Coorie trend (meaning to snuggle up) is gaining steam. There’s also the emerging Päntsdrunk phenomenon – which is the English version of the Finnish word kalsarikänni, which literally means “drinking at home, alone, in your underwear.” In Finland, this is a nationally celebrated pastime, with the nation’s foreign-affairs ministry even mentioning it in their guide to the country.

Since Coddle is all about giving you the absolute best, most adaptable sleeper sofa to cuddle up on, we’re all in on this trend towards extreme nesting. Here, we share 7 get-cozy-on-the-couch-and-stay-there strategies to help you survive the long winter ahead:

  • Drink up Take a cue from the Päntsdrunk trend and get your cocktail going early. Why wait till it’s 5 o’clock somewhere when it’s already pitch dark outside for many of us by 4:30 PM? One simple combination of spirits that’s perfect for a long winter’s night, says award-winning food and drink expert Jason Tesauro, is his eponymous Tesauro Toddy. For each, pour 1 cup hot water (don’t kill it… 160-175°F is plenty hot) into a mug or Irish coffee glass; add 1-2 oz spirit of choice – rum, brandy, whiskey are best –then 2 whole cloves, and the juice of 1/2 lemon or other citrus fruit. Dissolve some honey to taste, stir with a cinnamon stick, and sip while seated on your couch. No harm in adding freshly-shaved nutmeg, a pat of butter, or splash of bitters, too.
  • Make with the mood lighting Danish folk burn a major amount of candle wax per person per year –13 pounds, twice as much as the next closest country—and for good reason. A typical winter’s day lasts only six hours, and candlelight makes everything look a look cheerier. They offer up instant cozy-ification and atmosphere if you’re lolling on the couch (btw, Gjemeni moves through 16 positions, so there’s bound to be more than one that’s perfectly comfy). We’re big fans of Otherland, with scents like Cardamom Milk and Fallen Fir.
  • Binge-watch – with friends or solo. Cold, sleet and snow is the best kind of weather for staying glued to the couch and endlessly streaming entertainment. If you want something light, there’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. If you want more action, Netflix’s Outlaw King – a 2+ hour movie—will show you the rough nature of Scotland and make you feel all the more Coorie-ish.
  • Wrap it up – anything knit will make your Hygge/Coorie/ Päntsdrunk experience next level. A pair of fuzzy socks (you can find handknit ones on Etsy) will go a long way towards getting your Hygge on—and keep you from getting too chilly if you’ve opted for truly minimalist Päntsdrunk garb). Or grab a wool throw or super-heavy gravity blanket (these are said to be stress-relieving because they mimic the feeling of being hugged) before you sprawl on the (sleeper) sofa.
  • Dream on The allure of a long winter’s nap has been around forever, long before the idea was immortalized in 1823 with Twas the Night Before Christmas. There’s also a physiological reason why snoozing is better in chilly weather: Cooler indoor temperatures (in the low 60s) have been linked to deeper sleep. So don’t crank up the heat; just cuddle up on the couch, and enjoy. (The Coddle Sleeper Sofa transforms into a full-size bed, giving you plenty of room as you reach REM mode.)
  • Think cocoa Or any other warm, indulgent drink. It’s a cornerstone of Coorie culture, and our friends and Brit + Co have gathered some delicious inspo right here with 24 ideas – from Blackberry Hot Chocolate to Sipping Caramel to Spiced Cider.
  • Assemble your squad Sure, there’s a primal pleasure in hunkering down at home alone in true Päntsdrunk fashion, but hosting a small crowd is even better. More bodies = more body heat, more fun. Invite your significant other and/or friends to come join you on the couch for cards, a board game or else Doctor Zhivago, Fargo or another movie with a full-on winter vibe.

At Coddle, we’re devoted to responsive living and moving with you and your lifestyle – and keeping you comfortable whether you are working, napping, eating, relaxing, sleeping or just hanging out. Our responsive furniture has been ergonomically designed to set up easily (no tools needed), support you with layered memory foam, and pivot through 16 positions. While we’re a terrific Hygge home base in the depth of winter, we’ll also keep you comfy and connected with our integrated outlets year-round. We believe it’s the best sleeper sofa around.


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