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the taste of success: chronicles of couch-preneurs (who love responsive furniture!)

Coddle loves entrepreneurs – especially those that put in serious sofa time. Even mores if they’ve discovered responsive furniture. Because we’re a startup ourselves! And we make innovative responsive furniture—amazingly adaptable ones that move through 16 positions to support you when business-planning, brainstorming, and grabbing a nap. Here, a nutritionist-turned-communications guru shares what she’s learned while launching her business from inside her apartment.

Who: Samantha Cassetty, R.D.

Her Big Idea: I’m a dietitian but with a difference –I have experience at major publications and food companies. I write well, I’m a good public speaker. I can tell you what kind of protein is going to be the next big thing. So I put those skills and experience together into a communications company that advises brands and the media about food, beverage and wellness trends.

How It Started: I had been thinking about it for a long time – knowing that I was passionate about wellness and immersed in the regulations and trends around the food and beverage industry. It took a transition from a “bad fit” full-time job to make me think, “This is it — the time is now!”

Best Part: Completing a project and knowing I nailed it – just did one for an iconic brand. It was a very good feeling. I’m also around more often for my son, which is positively priceless.

Hardest Part: The short answer? Health insurance – it’s so costly. I really didn’t expect that. Also, I work more in the evenings and weekends than I had. Not having much downtime takes a toll.

Best Advice: Make sure you have human contact and don’t become a shut-in. Schedule at least a few offsite meetings each week—it can be coffee, lunch, dinner, whatever. I also balance out my calls so rarely a day goes by where I'm not connecting with other people.

Best Resource: I’ve found Facebook groups and podcasts extremely valuable. And I’ve used Facebook advertising to put the word out about my work. I’m a big believer in attending industry events too – I learn things, and I see what my competition is doing, which sparks new ideas.

Where She Works: Usually at the kitchen table or the kitchen counter because I like to alternate between sitting and standing. But I take meditation breaks on the couch, especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed. Whether for 5 minutes or 25 minutes, it helps dial down my stress and refocus on my to-do list.

Weirdest Couch-preneur Moment: Doing a Skype broadcast for ABC, from my apartment, wearing shorts because no one could see me from the waist down.

Best Part about the Couch-preneur Life: Managing my own time, so I can take an 11 AM Pilates class or a walk with a friend without worrying about the time. And if I’m ready to call it a day at 4 PM, I do.

The Worst Part of Couch-preneur Life: The reality is that most of the time, I never call it a day at 4 PM. I’m sitting and working on my computer at 8 PM when I’d rather be lying on the couch relaxing! But it’s a trade-off and right now, it’s the right one for me.

Coddle’s responsive furniture is made for the couch-preneur life. Our versatile couch adjusts to 16 positions for working, lounging and brainstorming, napping – and it becomes an incredibly comfortable bed so you or your co-founder can crash on it, night after night. It’s also wired for productivity, with 4 USB charging ports and 2 110-volt sockets. If you’re in go mode on your start-up, Coddle’s got your back. Take a closer look here.


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