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Coddle was built upon one simple thought: that our furniture should simply do more than just sit there.

Almost three decades ago, while everyone else in Silicon Valley was building computer hardware, recent graduate Sean P. sat in an empty garage in the back of the pre-school his mom ran pondering his future.

Even then, property in the Bay Area had started to shrink in size and increase dramatically in cost, creating a spike in sales of futons. Sean spotted an opportunity. So, on his own back, literally, he started hand-picking products suited for small space living. Convertible furniture of all types. Selling one to one all over the Bay area.

That business grew to epic proportions. But Sean still saw a greater opportunity and was driven by a need to do more and make an impact; to begin designing products that went much, much further. Products that would help declutter and simplify our lives. That would adapt to our constantly changing needs. That would maximize the spaces we live (and work) in. That would not compromise on quality and would represent unparalleled value.

Coddle was conceived and launched in August 2018 with the flag ship product the Toggle Convertible Couch, along with its siblings the Toggle Recliner Chair and Toggle Ottoman.

16 positions, for sitting, slouching, watching, working, eating and finally sleeping. The aim: to design the most versatile couch in the world. And it worked. Coddle has been growing almost 20% each month since it launched and is receiving wonderful accolades from the press as well as hundreds of 5-Star reviews from customers.

With real estate continuing to shrink all over the USA and the rest of the world, Coddle partnered with esteemed product designer Eric Fields to find new solutions for efficient use of space, sumptuous luxury, and ultimate customer experience. The Node Modular seating system along with the Pixel Platform Bed were launched next. Node brings the style and comfort of a sectional but in a compact form with far more options. Its unique locking mechanism also means it doesn’t fall apart like typical sectionals. And in mid 2020 a sleeper module will be added to the range.

Continuing with our specialization in the sleeper category, Coddle has launched Switch Queen Convertible, the easiest to use sleeper that is 24 hour beautiful and incredibly comfortable.  

We often hear about someone outside an industry turning it on its head. This time it took someone from deep inside. And we believe it shows in the quality and commitment of our work.

Coddle will be launching several new sleeper concepts over the next two years and we aim to be recognized as the best brand in market for convertible couches. If you would like to get in touch to find out more, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page. We look forward to hearing from you.


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