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The Best
Home Office Couches

Coddle’s mission is to make versatile furniture that responds to our bodies and the spaces we inhabit.

“The epitome of luxury technology.”

meet the couch that pivots as fast as your business 

Couch, chaise, lounger and bed. The Toggle convertible is designed to be responsive to our bodies and the spaces we live in.

the home office has never been homey 

Hand-crafted with premium materials, layers of proprietary memory foam comfort and ‘rock-solid’ construction make this the best home office investment.


Integrated power and USB outlets safely and conveniently integrated keep your devices juiced up while you work, watch, play, nap and repeat.

made for real life 

Life happens, so we’ve carefully selected fabrics for luxurious comfort, stain resistance, easy clean-up and durability. Choose from blnded leather, Smart Suede and our premium woven fabrics.

arrives on your doorstep 

Beautifully packaged, conveniently delivered within days of ordering and easy to set up.

more from coddle

Both at work and at home, our couches have what you need: Flexibility in form, built in power and USB, life-proof fabrics, and layers of memory foam for the perfect balance of comfort and support. 

feature-rich queen sized sleeper 

If you’re looking for a flexible queen sleeper sofa with a deeper seat and the lightest-touch operation, Switch is for you.


customize your solution with modular 

Exercise your creativity and define your space with Node Modular. From a single seat to huge U shaped sectionals, anything is possible.


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